Getting a home improvement loan with no equity

Getting a home improvement loan with no equity may sound complicated but here we shed some light.

In a piece in The Irish Times earlier this year Conor Pope wrote: “A quarter of consumers say they have plans to borrow money from a financial institution this year with the average loan likely to be about €8,500, according to a piece of research by Irish League of Credit Unions borrowers plan to take out an average loan of €8,558”.

loans for everything from weddings to new windows

Admittedly, that covers loans for everything from weddings to new windows, but it does indicate that there is a growing consumer confidence out there.

Pop onto a site like AIB for instance and you’ll see that they can, courtesy of computer wizardry, let you know if you can get that home improvement loan of up to €30,000, approved within one hour.  And if that is okay with you – fine.

However, in another piece in The Irish Times the correspondent wrote: “Consumers find personal loans confusing and struggle to choose the right one, according to a new piece of research published by the ESRI’s new behavioural economics” [2016 research].

Before embarking on getting a home improvement loan with no equity, some calm thinking is required.  Maybe it is time to switch mortgage provider in order to achieve savings and put those savings into home improvements.

In reality you could make some income by switching. For example, you could avail of the 2% cash-back offer some mortgage providers will give as an incentive to switch. Let’s say you make €3,000 on that move – that will go some way toward that new kitchen.

What is important is that before you chat to your interior designer you should chat to a financial advisor.

Conor Pope article 1

Conor Pope article 2

Claire Mason


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