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We’re a mortgage service specialising in making home ownership simpler, faster and more accessible

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The Team

We put ourselves through the “Which Mortgage” calculators and discovered that we have more than 300 years’ experience between us! Now, that’s a lot of experience and you can avail of it any time you wish on your mortgage journey. All of us here have been on your side of the table before applying for mortgages. We know just how you feel and how important your mortgage is to you. We also know how the banks work and how to help our customers become 100% mortgage-ready.

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Mortgage Process Made Easy

The mortgage process in Ireland has taken on the perception of being intimidating and complex. And it needn’t be. We remove the complexity around applying for a mortgage with our straightforward processes and direction. Our blog post, “How to apply for a mortgage in Ireland” shows you how to put the power in your pocket with our steps on financial preparation.

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Honest Rate Quotes

If we wanted to impress you with marketing jargon, we’d tell you that we’re bank agnostic. But we’re here to demystify the myths around mortgages and say it like it is. So we’ll tell you that there are 7 lenders in the Irish market offering over 250 mortgage products. We’ll find the exact right one for you.

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Instant Loan Estimates

Our mortgage calculators will give you an early indication of what you can borrow. Various factors go into assessing your mortgage loan to value (LTV) and loan to income (LTI) ratio, but you’ll gain a good idea of the size of mortgage you can apply for from our calculators.

Which Mortgage is right for you.

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