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Which mortgage is best for you?

In Ireland, there are more than 250 mortgage products on the market. 
These mortgages are aimed at the different types of properties people are buying and living in. There are mortgages for:
●      First time buyers 
●      People who wish to build their own properties (link to self build)
●      People who want to get the lowest rates Switchers 
●      Buy to let purchasers
●      People who want to do home improvements
●      People who want to move house
In addition to these factors, mortgages can also be divided into two other categories:
●      Fixed interest rate - where interest rates stay constant for a certain period of time.
●      Variable interest rate - this type of interest rate is set by the lender and can change from time to time.
And then, on top of all this, lenders seek to attract borrowers with different sweeteners. Sometimes this is money back in your pocket, and sometimes there is an offer to pay a contribution to your conveyancing fees. Certain lenders offer lower rates based on the property’s energy rating and other lenders will even reduce the interest rate if you agree to arrange to move your current account also.
With all of these factors, how do you choose the mortgage that is right for you and your circumstances?

Which Mortgage helps you every step of the way

So much of what we see of mortgage advertising is same old same old… and untrue.
Cliches of aspirational soundtracks, assurance of the lender being with you on your journey and a sombre voiceover abound.
Not many of us would consider filling in a mortgage application as a journey!
Instead, what we do is place you right at the centre of the mortgage process. 
We partner with our customers, sometimes for months before they submit their application, to get them mortgage ready.
And then we use our relationships with Ireland’s lenders to ensure that we find the very best mortgage out of 250+ for you.
We work with you to:
●      Understand how much you can afford
●      Identify how much you’ll need in savings to manage the upfront costs
●      Work out the best mortgage term/ timeframe for you
●      Choose the right type of mortgage loan for you
●      Ensure that you know how mortgage interest rates work

The result is that you choose a mortgage that suits you perfectly. And without the stress! And once you have that mortgage we will ensure that it is the most competitive by reviewing its suitability throughout your mortgage life.
Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you. We’d be delighted to chat! 

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